Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Grocery Reward Program?
Answer: Grocery Reward Program is many great grocery benefits in one, plus bonus savings on so many extras. Customers get their choice of free clipped coupons mailed to them. If you are an active monthly grocery reward customer, your account will be refreshed with additional grocery coupon reward value on the first of every month. Customers also receive unlimited printable coupons from one of the nation's largest inventory of printable coupons and thousands of additional ways to save like discounts, promo codes, special offers, daily deals, and so much more at your favorite stores and restaurants. Grocery Reward Program was designed to be an easy-to-use website and a great experience. At Grocery Reward Program, we help customers save hundreds... even thousands... of dollars each year with one of the nation's leading coupon inventories. From printable coupons to clipped coupons that our team hand cuts from newspapers all over the country, Grocery Reward Program gives customers 24/7 round the clock access to national coupons from great brands. All you need to do is login to save.

Question: I do not have a Redemption PIN or I am having trouble receiving my Redemption PIN.
Answer: The Grocery Reward Program does not distribute Redemption PINs. If you have made a qualifying purchase and were promised a grocery reward through this program but did not receive your Redemption PIN, then you will need to call customer support for assistance.

Question: What if I have more than one Redemption PIN?
Answer: That's not a problem! Once you've redeemed your first Grocery Reward Program Redemption PIN and registered an account, just visit this page to redeem additional Grocery Reward Program Redemption PINs and increase your grocery coupon reward value.

Question: How often are the coupons on Grocery Reward Program updated?
Answer: The coupons available to you through your Grocery Reward Program are updated each and every day to ensure you get the best and most up-to-date choices possible.

Question: Is there a limit on the total number of coupons I can order or print?
Answer: There are several different coupon benefits. Let me give you information about each one. First, you get clipped coupons that you can select, and which are sent to you. You are eligible to order as many coupons as you want as long as you do not exceed your grocery reward value. You also are eligible for a wide variety of printable coupons. Sometimes there is a limit on how many of a particular coupon you can print from the coupon provider.

Question: I am having problems printing or technical issues with downloads. Can someone help me?
Answer: For the printable coupons and some of the other benefits featured on this website, you may need to download a component from the vendor. That process links and happens automatically, and you'd need to manage and troubleshoot that yourself, as those are third party resources that we do not control. Unfortunately, being a customer coupon savings company and not a computer help desk company, we cannot provide customer by customer IT support for each particular benefit if you have trouble with printing. I wish we could, but with thousands of customers and dozens of benefits, that would just be impossible. The programs and benefits are compatible with just about every computer configuration and option, so make sure you to pay careful attention to the prompts and instructions on the benefit, and try again.

Question: When do the grocery coupons expire?
Answer: Obviously, the grocery coupons expire at all different times, based on the manufacturers who provide them. As you browse through the coupons, we tell you when each coupon expires so that you know before you complete your order and receive your coupons. We're refreshing the coupons and adding new ones all the time.

Question: How long does it take to receive the coupons that Grocery Reward Program clips for me?
Answer: Typically, it takes us about 24 hours to process, clip, and ship your clipped coupons order. From there, depending on where you're located, your coupons should arrive in 4-6 days (excluding weekends and holidays).

Question: Why am I not able to login?
Answer: If you're not able to login, please be sure that you have definitely redeemed your PIN. Visit the Redeem page and submit your PIN. If the PIN was redeemed, you will be instantly logged into your account. If the PIN has not been redeemed, the redemption process will start. Be sure to complete the entire process - you will see a "congratulations" message once you are finished.

If you've definitely redeemed your PIN, you need your ten digit telephone number (no spaces or dashes) and your five digit zip code to login here. If you are still unable to log in please click here for assistance in retrieving your login credentials.

As a final step, you can click here to contact Customer Support for assistance.

Question: What's the Daily Gift Card Giveaway? Did I Win?
Answer: One of the best and most popular benefits of the reward program is a Daily Gift Card Giveaway. Every day we give away a free Gift Card. That's 365 free Gift Cards every year! The Daily Gift Card Giveaway runs from 9am EST to 9pm EST every day. As an active reward customer, you're eligible to enter the Daily Gift Card Giveaway every day, and your entry is always free. All you need to do is login to your reward account between 9am EST and 9pm EST and click "Enter" in the Daily Gift Card Giveaway area, and you'll be automatically entered in that day's Daily Gift Card Giveaway. It's that easy! At 9pm EST a winner is automatically selected from among that day's entries, and a "Congratulations" email is automatically emailed to them with details about their Gift Card. We do not email people who do not win the Daily Gift Card Giveaway. So, if you're wondering if you won the Daily Gift Card Giveaway, check your email. If you didn't get a "Congratulations" email, that means you didn't win. But you can always try again tomorrow!